Solar-Cam NW

The Solar-Cam NW is a rugged 4G/WiFi solar powered 4 MPixel Surveillance Camera for harsh environments in remote or unattended locations. 

The compact autonomous camera is solar powered making it completely independent of external power. The solar-smart charging system ensures that the battery has always enough charge and will control the camera, modem and solar charging to ensure the battery never goes flat. 

The images are sent via a 3G/4G modem to a PC, mobile phone, or web based monitoring ‘Dashboard’. The camera has a rugged IP67 housing and an optional white LED spotlight for colour night vision. 

An optional wireless motion detector can activate the camera from up to 80m away. The camera can also operate in ‘time-lapse’ mode for applications such as Construction, Traffic and Water monitoring.

The camera records HD video 24/7 for up to 1 month before overwriting. Live video can be viewed at any time as well as viewing and downloading video clips of interest. Still images are also stored on an internal SD card as a backup. For sites with multiple cameras, only the host camera requires the 4G modem and the rest communicate to the host via WiFi